Chapter 13

Working in Microsoft Office 2013

In This Chapter

arrow Opening a document

arrow Starting a document from a template

arrow Saving and printing your work

arrow Taking notes with OneNote

arrow Adding your e-mail accounts to Outlook

It’s no coincidence that the Surface RT and Surface 2 include a free, installed copy of Microsoft’s Office Home and Student 2013 RT.

That suite of programs — Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote — are all that many people need. For those who need more, the two tablets also include the Office 2013 RT version of Outlook, a powerful e-mail program for the desktop.

Your Surface RT or Surface 2 can read, save, and create Office files stored nearly anywhere: on your Surface, a flash drive, a networked PC, or on OneDrive, the online storage place accessible by any brand of PC, tablet, or smartphone.

This chapter helps bring you up to speed on the basics of opening, saving, and printing Office files. (Office programs don’t come installed on the Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2, unfortunately, ...

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