Chapter 16

Ten Essential Tips ’n’ Tricks

In This Chapter

arrow Searching directly from the Start screen

arrow Selecting hard-to-select items

arrow Taking screenshots

arrow Stopping the screen from rotating

arrow Making a recovery drive

arrow Finding a lost app

arrow Adding your contact information

A For Dummies book wouldn’t be the same without a Part of Tens section: ten tidbits of information that didn’t quite fit anywhere else in the book.

With the Surface, the hard part is limiting this chapter to only ten tips. After paring down the list from 20, here are 10 essential tips ’n’ tricks to wring the most out of your Surface.

When Lost, Swipe in from the Screen’s Left Edge

Whenever you tap a link or open another program on your Surface, the new item fills the screen, pulling you in deeply. When you finally close the app, ...

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