academic promotions study 243–246, 304

accelerated failure time model

See AFT (accelerated failure time) model

actuarial method

See life-table method

ADJUST= option, LIFETEST procedure 46, 48

AFT (accelerated failure time) model

alternative distributions 77–89

competing risks analysis and 220–227

exponential model 78–80

functionality 72–77

gamma model 85–86, 98–100

hypothesis tests and 74–75

LIFEREG procedure and 72–73, 220

log-logistic model 83–85

OLS and 73

parametric regression models 72–77

PHREG procedure and 220

Weibull distribution model 80–82

age criteria 24

AGGREGATE suboption (COVSANDWICH option, PHREG) 267

AICC (AIC corrected) 74, 118

AIDS patients study 162–163

Akaike’s information criterion (AIC)

defined 74

example 118

logit ...

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