CHAPTER 22The Socially Clueless

The Rude One

The Insensitive One

The Busybody/The Gossip

The Loud One

The Braggart

The Bossy One

The Interrupter

The Hermit

As a category, the socially clueless—those co-workers with poor social skills—can be rude, impolite, insensitive, tactless, or any combination of those traits. They can be oblivious to normal social cues and rules, or they can and will deliberately defy social conventions to get what they want. They may be nosy, intrusive, and eager to pry into someone’s life, interested in finding out negative personal information about someone else or willing to invent it and spread false rumors. They behave this way for any number of reasons: to use the information against someone else, discredit someone, ...

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