After leaving whatever semblance there was of a track behind, Zachariah continued to press deeper into the veldt. Sean watched in amazement as he avoided all the rocks, termite mounds, and holes; he had no idea how Zachariah did it. Few animals looked up as the Jeep passed by and then only with casual curiosity.

It was almost nine when they arrived at the Grumeti River. Zachariah pulled up on a ridge overlooking a major crossing area. They parked in the shade of a large acacia tree with a clear view of the rapidly flowing, murky river. It was a short 200 yards to the thousands of wildebeest milling on the opposite embankment above the river's edge.

"I've never seen that many animals all bunched up together like that!" Ashley exclaimed.

"How many will be crossing today?" Sean asked.

"Well, last year's first crossing had over 20,000 wilde-beest. I suspect we'll see close to that number again."

"They really seem uneasy, almost agitated. What's wrong?"

"Look on the opposite side of the river, by that sandbar to the left, just next to the footpath going up the embankment."


"Nile crocodiles actually. They're much larger than the American alligator and can grow up to 16 feet in length and weigh an average of 500 pounds. Though most of their diet consists of fish, they'll eat anything that drinks from or crosses the river. Many weak, old, and inexperienced ...

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