The granite kopjes' rough and jumbled surfaces were formed from years of volcanic activity that had been eroded by the sun and the rain. Navigating straight downhill where there was no pathway was considerably bumpier than the river's landscape.

"Over there!" Zachariah shouted.

Sean picked up the long-range binoculars again and looked in the direction Zachariah was pointing, but there were literally hundreds of mounds. "Which one?" he asked.

"The termite mound right in the middle of the grassland, about 150 yards out."

"What animal are we looking for?"

Just then, a blur of gold flashed from behind the grass and a beautiful cheetah jumped on top of the mound. She sat there carefully scanning a 360-degree circle. No one said a word for what seemed like an eternity. The cheetah appeared to be six to seven feet in length with a round face, a cat's long tail, and long ears. Her chest was deep, and narrowed as it approached her waist. But most striking was her sleek appearance and the beautifully black-spotted tan coat—perfect camouflage for the dry savannah grass.

"Is it male or female?" asked Ashley, as the face in the binoculars seemed to look straight at her.

"She's female, and a mother. She's looking for lunch and checking out those gazelles grazing about 100 yards away to the right."

"She is incredibly beautiful. Sean, look how sleek she looks. Look! There ...

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