There wasn't a cloud in the sky the next morning, and the horizon still included a hint of orange left over from the dawn. The Jeep had already been towed to the camp, and was roadworthy again after receiving some minor repairs.

Aly had offered to take Zachariah to the airstrip, since Raymond had left earlier with Dave, Mary, Anthony, and Cecilia for the sunrise hot air balloon ride. Sean and Ashley had decided to forgo the balloon ride so they could use the opportunity to talk with Zachariah one last time.

The four of them were barely out of the camp when Sean reignited their previous discussion.

"Last night you said there were seven skills, Zachariah. I was counting them over in my bed and could only recall six: the enduring wildebeest, the strategic lion, the enterprising crocodile, the efficient cheetah, the graceful giraffe, and the risk-taking mongoose. What did I fail to remember?"

Zachariah smiled. "You didn't forget anything, Sean. We never saw the animal with the seventh skill."

"Well, then, we must do so before your flight!" Sean declared. "You can't leave us without teaching us all the survival skills." Zachariah glanced across to Aly and smiled.

"Well, you folks are very lucky," Aly said, smiling. "Returning with the Jeep this morning, we came across the final caretaker you haven't seen yet. We should be catching up with the herd any minute ...

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