Epilogue: The Following Evening

Epilogue: The Following Evening

Zachariah was perched high on a rock in the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, some 200 miles northeast of where the wildebeest had crossed the Grumeti River yesterday. Here in the northern part of the Serengeti it had been raining for the last few weeks and the grasslands were now a stunning paradise.

In a few days the first of the wildebeest herds would be arriving from the south, anxious to feed on the lush, green grass. He delighted in observing the annual migration—it made him feel alive.

He also loved being one with nature. A tapestry of stars began to unfold against a rich gold and crimson horizon. Tonight was another picture perfect evening.

Unexpectedly, he felt his iPhone vibrate. It was a message from Sean; he and Ashley were at the airport in Narobi en route to the United States and his BlackBerry had reception again.

There was only one word on the screen.


Zachariah smiled with satisfaction.

Sean had completed the next step in his journey of self-discovery.

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