Tom Mitchell, you are all over this book. I am eternally grateful for your passion and unwavering commitment.

To my two sons, Tinus and DJ, I could not ask for more. Thank you for your support and the pleasure of working with you on this book. May it always remind you of the skills required to succeed and the importance of following your dreams.

One always holds a very special place for those that believed in you when uncertainty prevailed. Your support fueled this journey more than you will ever know: My sincere appreciation to Mark Willis, Ron and Alexander Siegel, Sean Buvala, Dale Stinton, and Cassie Hillinger.

I also carry a deep gratitude for the many thousands of clients and supporters I have met in the real- estate industry over the years, whether at events, in business, or online. Many of you have become friends and made my immigration to the Unites States two decades ago an enjoyable ride. Had it not been for all of you, this stage of my life would not have been possible. Mahalo!

More recently, and more specifically tied to this book, a few individuals—Steve Harrison, Brendon Buchard, Dr. John Ullmen, and Jay Papasan—influenced the development of Surviving Your Serengeti. Your guidance contributed to the progress and refinement of the message and your influence served to introduced me to many new relationships that, in turn, provided encouragement and valuable information—such as Elizabeth, Carla, Sandra, Logan, David, Terri, Lorrie, Camper, Wendy, Laura, and ...

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