Note: Page numbers followed by “f,” “t,” and “b” refer to figures, tables, and boxes, respectively.


Accelerator-driven systems (ADSs), 271
Accelerator-driven transmutation, 271
Actinides, 266–267, 267, 270
Acute Radiation Syndrome, 279–280
Admiral Hyman Rickover, 248–249
Adsorbed natural gas and shipping, 177–178
Advanced aqueous separation, 327–328
Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI), 270
AFCI Series One, 326, 326–327
Advanced Test Reactor (ATR), 270, 270
Africa, electricity usage in, 353–354, 353f
Air conditioners, 199b
Air conditioning, 198–200, 207
operation of, 201f
Air Pollution Research Act, 106
Algal biodiesel, 60–62
Alpha particle, 272–273
Alternative fuels, 4, 168, 169–177
biomass liquids, 176–177
comparison of, 175t
competitive, ...

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