5Contractualizing: The Value in Act

5.1. Restructuring the transactional space

The co-production of product–service systems (PSS) de facto generates multi-stakeholder transaction situations, and therefore communication spaces, and in valorization spaces, intermediates between the micro and meso levels. Structuring these spaces within the territorial functional ecosystem could be an opportunity to reduce the dissipation of information inherent in any monetarization.

A service provided under contract during a transaction involving various performance objectives and whose levels are negotiated following the expression of multiple value judgments is associated with a price in euros. This price, which could be associated with an exchange value within the strict framework of the market transaction, does not exist on its own within the functional ecosystem. It is associated with a non-monetary representation of the use value assigned to the functionalities to which the market service is one of the access channels. These functionalities are themselves associated with monetary amounts corresponding to the maintenance costs of the productive phenomena that allow them to emerge, i.e. another exchange value.

In other words, a monetary indicator is associated with several monetarization singularities, i.e. several points where the multiple dimensions of space and time of value representation meet. These singularities can be linked to the same multifunctional production, whose governance ...

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