Svelte.js 3 and Sapper Projects

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Build powerful, reactive, great-looking UI web experiences with this front-end compiler and its framework.

About This Video

  • Build modern, real-life, responsive web applications with Svelte by taking advantage of its small footprint (thanks to its compilation step)
  • Develop complex web applications with Sapper, the framework based on Svelte that provides useful and powerful features thus, making developing Svelte apps even easier
  • Learn a web technology (whose popularity is on the rise thanks to its great developer experience and powerful features) to improve your Svelte skills

In Detail

This course will take you through three core projects to help you build effective, reactive, and attractive apps with Svelte, demonstrating its intrinsic benefits, including less code and impressive reactivity/state management along the way.

Our first project, a vCard generator app, will demonstrate the modularity and reactivity web applications you can develop with Svelte. We will build reusable and dynamic components that we will later enhance with more advanced features. Sections on animation and transitions are included to make applications look as good as they perform!

Our second project will be a fully functional Kanban board application, similar to Trello. This application will also have effective state management, by making use of stores and other key Svelte features.

Our final application will be based on the previous Kanban board application but making use of Sapper, the official Svelte framework. However, we will build this application with Sapper, the official Svelte framework. We will learn how to create web apps with Sapper and master its most useful features, such as routing and prefetching.

We will also provide an introduction to testing Sapper applications with Cypress, and we finish the course by deploying our application in two different ways: as a static page, and as an SEO-optimized server-side rendered (SSR) application.


This course is primarily suited for web developers who are familiar with Svelte and want to explore full-length applications in svelte along with sapper.

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  • Title: Svelte.js 3 and Sapper Projects
  • Author(s): Germán Mené Santa Olaya
  • Release date: May 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800204126