Adding objects to the scene

Let's next add geometry to the scene. We can create basic geometry such as spheres, boxes, cones, tori, and so on in SceneKit with a lot of ease. Let's create a sphere first and add it to the scene.

Adding a sphere

Create a new function called addGeometryNodes in the GameViewController class, as follows:

func addGeometryNode() {

   let sphereGeometry = SCNSphere(radius: 1.0)
   sphereGeometry.firstMaterial?.diffuse.contents =
   let sphereNode = SCNNode(geometry: sphereGeometry)
   sphereNode.position = SCNVector3Make(0.0, 0.0, 0.0)

We will use the SCNSphere class to create a sphere. We can also call SCNBox, SCNCone, SCNTorus, and so on to create a box, a cone, or a torus.

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