Adding wall and floor parallax

What is a game without a parallax effect? In SpriteKit, we added parallax using sprites. In SceneKit, we will use planes to add it to the scene. Apart from adding parallax, we will also see how to add diffuse, normal, and specular maps to the plane. Also, we will learn what those terms mean.

Create a new file called ScrollingBackground.swift.

Add four global SCNNodes:

import SceneKit

class ScrollingBackground{ 
    var parallaxWallNode1: SCNNode!
    var parallaxWallNode2: SCNNode!
    var parallaxFloorNode1: SCNNode!
    var parallaxFloorNode2: SCNNode!

Add a new function, called create, and pass in a variable called currentScene as GameSCNScene. Add the following code to the create function:

 func create(currentScene: GameSCNScene){ ...

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