CHAPTER, the Open Source Project

On December 3, 2015, Apple made version 2.2 of the Swift programming language open source software by creating and contributing a key set of source code repositories covering the compilers, debuggers, libraries, and more. The site ( was set up to serve as a central hub for this new community. The site contains documentation, binary downloads, links to the open source repositories on GitHub, mailing lists, and bug reporting mechanisms, as well as continuous integration support to maintain stability across the projects. In this chapter, I will cover what is included on the site as well as some pointers about how to get involved in this exciting community.

What’s Included

The website is the focal point for the Swift language development community. Because the community supporting Swift is composed of people with diverse skill levels and different interests, the site is designed to be a single entry point from which visitors can access the information relevant to their needs. The navigation categories listed on the left-hand side of the home page represent major topic areas into which visitors can dive, depending on whether they are developers who want to look at the source code, testers wanting to report a bug, people with general interest who want to subscribe to a mailing list, or any of the dozens of possible reasons why they are involved with the language.

There are roughly ...

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