Lesson 24

Introduction to iCloud Storage

iCloud Storage is a set of classes and services that enable you to share data between instances of your application running across different devices. In this lesson, you learn to use the iCloud Storage APIs in your apps.

Basic Concepts

Apple's iCloud is a service that allows applications to synchronize data across devices. Your data is stored across a set of servers maintained by Apple and is made available to copies of your app across all iCloud-compatible devices. Changes made to this data by one instance of your application are automatically propagated to other instances.

From a developer's perspective, you need to use Apple's iCloud Storage APIs to interact with the iCloud service. These APIs enable you to store both documents and small amounts of key-value data.

iCloud applications cannot be tested on the iOS Simulator, and to make the most of this lesson you should ideally have two iOS devices to test on. iCloud Storage APIs are available to both iOS and MacOS X developers.

Your iOS applications always execute in a restricted environment ...

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