Helpful Resources for Today’s Swing Trader


Bullet Choosing trading and charting software

Bullet Researching the market

Bullet Monitoring your portfolio

Bullet Sharpening your trading skills

Swing traders rely on a variety of products and services to analyze potential trades and stay sharp in their work. Throughout this book, I’ve used snapshots from various services and websites I consult on a regular basis.

This appendix provides more details on the top ten resources I recommend. These resources aren’t necessities, but they do help you quickly identify securities and monitor their activity. Other resources keep you sharp on your game.

Sourcing and Charting Your Trading Ideas

Swing trading ideas typically come from bottom-up screening or top-down searches. In this section, I present a bottom-up screening website (MagicFormulaInvesting) and two top-down tools (High Growth Stock Investor and eTables by Investor’s Business Daily) that can also do bottom-up screening. I also turn your attention to two real-time charting systems (TradeStation and so you can chart your ...

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