Developer Interview 1: Paul O’Connor


Developer profile: Currently the Brand Manager of Appy Entertainment, Paul O’Connor has been described as a “designer’s designer.” He successfully transitioned from a career as a pen-and-paper game designer to video game designer designing AAA console and tablet games. He helped found Appy Entertainment (Trucks & Skulls NITRO, FaceFighter) in 2008.

Last completed/published project: FaceFighter Ultimate (iOS)

Company website:

Previous titles: Trucks & Skulls NITRO, FaceFighter Ultimate, Candy Rush, Zombie Pizza, Tune Runner (all available on iTunes Store)

Paul, thanks for talking with us! How did you get into designing touchscreen/tablet games, and what excites you about making games for this platform?

We set up shop as full-time iOS developers on Halloween 2008, after exiting from our V.P. gigs at High Moon Studios following the Vivendi/Activision merger. We had a bit of cash in the bank and were convinced Apple’s iOS was the future of gaming (and were equally convinced the incoming Activision administration had no desire to be part of the first wave on this platform).

At High Moon and throughout our careers, my partners and I were original IP guys, but the skyrocketing budgets of console games were creating an increasingly risk-averse environment where innovation was squelched and development was increasingly channeled ...

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