Switch Off and Find Calm, 2nd Edition

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Slowing down is not a luxury, it is a necessity

Have you ever felt as though everyone wants too much from you? Does your life feel so full there is no room to do the things you enjoy? Do you feel as though life at full throttle is consuming you?

Occupational therapist Angela Lockwood shows you how to recognise overwhelm and overstimulation, build habits that help you flick the switch, and re-energise both your mind and body.

With Switch Off and Find Calm, you will learn to recognise when it's time to switch off and discover practical ways to make that happen.

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  • Title: Switch Off and Find Calm, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): A. Lockwood
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730382164