SWT/JFace in Action

Book description

SWT/JFace in Action covers the territory, from simple widgets to complex graphics. It guides you through the process of developing Eclipse-based GUIs and shows how to build applications with features your users will love. The authors share their intimate knowledge of the subject with you in a friendly, readable style.

This book encourages you to learn through action. Each topic provides extensive code to show you how SWT/JFace works in practical applications. Not only do these examples help you understand the subject, they are a working set of programs you can reuse in your own interfaces.

About the Technology

SWT and JFace are Eclipse's graphical libraries. They enable you to build nimble and powerful Java GUIs—but this is only the beginning. With Draw2D and the Graphical Editing Framework, you can go beyond static applications and create full-featured editors. And with the Rich Client Platform, you can build customized workbenches whose capabilities far exceed those of traditional interfaces.

About the Book

What's Inside
  • Understanding SWT/JFace design
  • Creating workbenches with the Rich Client Platform
  • Building editors with Draw2D and the Graphical Editing Framework
  • Integrating SWT with Microsoft's COM
  • And much more

About the Reader

About the Authors

Matthew Scarpino has over ten years of software design and engineering experience. He uses Eclipse to build editing software for reconfigurable computing and has submitted code for Eclipse's graphical library. He lives in Fort Worth, TX.

Stephen Holder is a software engineer who has worked as a consultant for several large commercial and government agencies on enterprise level Java projects, including writing Eclipse plugins to streamline the development process. He currently resides in Tustin, California.

Stanford Ng is the cofounder of Nuglu, LLC and currently working on improving back-end systems at Automotive.com, a top 5 automotive e-commerce site. He is also a co-conspirator with Dr. Robert Nideffer behind the International award-winning Proxy/MAM research project.

Laurent Michalkovic is a technology consultant with 10 years' experience designing solutions in C/C++/Java/COM. He currently lives between Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

An excellent work! It is timely, comprehensive, and interestingly presented.
- Phil Hanna, SAS Institute Inc., author of JSP: The Complete Reference

I recommend this book to anyone getting into development with the Eclipse libraries.
- Steve Gutz, Senior Software Developer, IBM, author of Up to Speed with Swing

I really enjoy the authors' style. It was easy to read, and the information stayed with me.
- Carl Hume, Software Architect

... a good and useful treatment. There is no other book like it in the market.
- Robert D. McGovern, co-author of Eclipse in Action

Product information

  • Title: SWT/JFace in Action
  • Author(s): Laurent Mihalkovic, Stanford Ng, Matthew Scarpino, Stephen Holder
  • Release date: October 2004
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781932394276