2 Sybase to DB2 Conversion Guide
That all changed in May 2010 when IBM released a new feature for its flagship
DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows (LUW) Version 9 database called the
DB2 SQL Skin feature for applications compatible with Sybase ASE
SSacSA). This new feature is revolutionary because it allows virtually any
Sybase ASE application, regardless of how complex, to move to DB2 9.7 with
few or no code modifications. Unlike the claims made by other database vendors,
the high degree of compatibility is real, immediately. By minimizing the cost and
risk of switching to DB2 from Sybase ASE, this new feature allows customers to
break free from Sybase ASE to realize the benefits of database consolidation
and a switch to DB2 in record time.
In this chapter, we first describe the benefits of DB2 over Sybase ASE. After all,
switching databases only makes sense if the business value provided by DB2
exceeds the value provided by Sybase ASE. Next, we consider the costs and the
associated risks that are inherent in a traditional migration, that is, a migration off
Sybase that does not take advantage of the new IBM DB2 SSacSA feature. Last,
we discuss how the new IBM DB2 SSacSA feature minimizes the costs and risks
of moving from Sybase ASE to DB2.
1.1 The benefits of DB2 over Sybase ASE
Before we begin a discussion on the DB2 value propositions, it is important to
show that DB2 has the customer confidence, industry breadth, and worldwide
presence to backup the IBM claim of DB2 being a database for the 21
Some important facts about the DB2 database are:
򐂰 DB2 has a strong presence across a wide variety of industries and is
especially prevalent in banking, insurance, retail, and health care. You can
find DB2 in:
25 of the top 25 banks
The top 10 insurance providers
23 of the top 25 United States (US) retailers
򐂰 DB2 has a strong global presence, especially in the developing countries,
such as China, Brazil, and India.
򐂰 DB2 has thousands of customers with 6,000+ new DB2 customers since the
introduction of DB2 9.
򐂰 DB2 has wide support from third-party application vendors with over 3000
independent software vendor (ISV) products enabled for DB2.
When compared to other databases, DB2 provides many technical competitive
advantages in terms of performance, scalability, security, developer productivity,
and business intelligence (BI). More importantly, it achieves these advantages at

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