Problem 1

  1. What tasks of the system architect are amenable to formulation as optimization problems? Which tasks are not? How do these map to the deliverables of the architect?

  2. Problem 2

    We are all confronted with the common problem of choosing the configuration for our new computer. Decisions to make include the choice of operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) and processor (such as, for Windows, i7-960, i7-930, i5-760, AMD).

    1. For this example, formulate a DECISION-OPTION problem with 7+/– 2 decisions, and several options for each decision.

    2. What would be the relevant metrics?

    3. How do the metrics map to the decisions?

    4. What constraints should be taken into account?

  3. Problem 3

    Formulate a system architecture problem as an optimization problem, using ...

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