Troubleshooting VMM and supporting technologies

This recipe will take you through the process of troubleshooting VMM and its supporting technologies for a successful VMM deployment.

Getting ready

Having an understanding of the core technologies that VMM depends on in order to work correctly is the initial step to troubleshooting VMM:

  • WS Management (WinRM)
  • WMI
  • BITS
  • DCOM
  • WCF

Troubleshooting is never an easy task, but VMM 2012 provides tools and ways to help you find and remediate an issue.

How to do it…

The following are some techniques you can use to troubleshoot:

  • Event logs: A good starting point is to look at the event logs. Look for OS- and VMM-related errors or failures. A problem with the Operating System or one of its core services could result or lead ...

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