AC Alternating Current
ACL Access Control List
Advanced TCA, ATCA Advanced TeleCommunication Architecture
AIS Application Interface Specification
AMC Advanced Mezzanine Card
AMP Asymmetric Multi-Processing
ANSI American National Standards Institute
API Application Programming Interface
AS Advanced Switching
ASIC Application-specific integrated circuit
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASN-GW Access Service Network Gateway (WiMAX)
ASSP Application specific standard product
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
BCN Backwards Congestion Notification
BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
BGP Border Gateway Protocol (routing)
BIOS Basic Input/Output System
BMP Bound Multi-Processing
CAM Content Addressable Memory
CAPEX Capital expenditure
CG Carrier Grade
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer
CLI Command Line Interface
CMOS Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor
CMT Chip MultiThreaded
CoS Class of Service
COM Computer-on-Module
COTS Commercial off-the-shelf
CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device
CP-TA Communications Platforms Trade Association
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRC Cyclic redundancy check
DiffServ Differentiated Services
DC Direct Current
DFA Deterministic Finite Automaton
DIMM Dual in-line memory module

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