CHAPTER 30Professionalism and Professional Development

While most recent graduates and those who are just beginning in the safety field aren’t necessarily thinking about professionalism or their responsibilities as safety professionals, they should. At least they should be aware of what this safety profession entails and what they should be looking forward to. Most importantly, safety practitioners need to understand that, as a professional, there is more responsibility required than receiving basic safety training and performing in a competent manner.


The purpose of this portion of the book is to provide information related to professionalism as it relates to system safety, identify professional societies interested in system safety, discuss continuing education, and provide advice from someone who has been in this field and other fields for a number of years. The section is also a form of mentoring to those who are new to the system safety discipline or who are contemplating the safety (system safety) profession.

For more information on the safety profession as a career, it is suggested that the Career Guide to the Safety Profession be reviewed. This 50‐page document provides the who, what, where, and why of the safety profession and a number of added sources of related information. It is a joint publication of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and the American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation.


In this section, both ...

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