This chapter discusses how organizations evaluate and select projects to undertake from the many available projects. Once a project has been selected, the project manager plans the project. Project management involves selecting a project methodology, creating the project work plan, identifying project staffing requirements, and preparing to manage and control the project. These steps produce important project management deliverables, including the work plan, staffing plan, standards list, project charter, and risk assessment.


  • Understand how projects are selected in some organizations.
  • Understand various approaches to the SDLC that can be used to structure a development project.
  • Understand how to select a project methodology based on project characteristics.
  • Become familiar with project estimation.
  • Be able to create a project work plan.
  • Understand how to staff a project.
  • Understand techniques to coordinate and manage the project.
  • Understand how to manage risk on the project.



Project Selection

Applying the Concept at Tune Source

Creating the Project Plan

Project Methodology Options

Selecting the Appropriate Methodology

Estimating the Project Time Frame

Developing the Work Plan

Staffing the Project

Coordinating Project Activities

Managing and Controlling the Project

Refining Estimates

Managing Scope ...

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