Throughout this book, many new concepts about object-oriented systems analysis and design are introduced. As a way to make these new concepts more relevant, we apply them to a fictitious company called CD Selections. CD Selections is a chain of 50 music stores in California, with headquarters in Los Angeles. Annual sales last year were $50 million, and they have been growing at about 3 to 5 percent per year for the past few years. The firm has been interested in expanding their presence beyond California. Margaret Mooney, Vice President of Marketing, has become excited by and concerned about the rise of Internet sites selling CDs and sites such as iTunes that sell digital music. She believes that the Internet has great potential, but she wants to use it in the right way. Rushing into e-commerce without considering its effect on existing brick-and-mortar stores and the implications on existing systems at CD Selections could cause more harm than good.

Currently, CD Selections has a website that provides basic information about the company and about each of its stores (e.g., map, operating hours, phone number). The website was developed by an Internet consulting firm and is hosted by a prominent local Internet service provider (ISP) in Los Angeles. The IT department at CD Selections has become experienced with Internet technology as it has worked with the ISP to maintain the site; however, it still has a ...

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