B. Vogel-Heuser, J. Folmer, G. Frey, L. Liu, H. Hermanns and A. Hartmanns

Graphical Modeling of Networked Architectures and Real-Time-Requirements for the Analysis of Networked Automation Systems

B. Vogel-Heuser, J. Folmer: Institute of Automation and Information Systems, TU München, Germany, e-mails: vogel-heuser@ais.mw.tum.de, folmer@ais.mw.tum.de.

G. Frey, L. Liu: Chair of Automation, Saarland University, Germany, e-mails: georg.frey@aut.uni-saarland.de, liu.liu@aut.uni-saarland.de.

H. Hermanns, A. Hartmanns: Chair for Dependable Systems and Software, Saarland University, Germany, e-mails: hermanns@cs.uni-saarland.de, arnd@cs.uni-saarland.de ...

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