The INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide will be applicable to a variety of organizations and institutions covering many different domains, in different countries worldwide. In addition, the framework can be applied in support of a number of goals from recruitment to individual and organizational capability development.

Every organization, institution, domain, and country operate in a unique context – having its own constraints, terminology, regulations, standards, tools, procedures, standard practices, etc.

Therefore, it is critical that this Assessment Guide is tailored before use to reflect the operational context.

Tailoring should align the terminology and the content of the guide to the specific needs of the organization or enterprise using the guide. Tailoring the guide will help maximize the value of the assessments performed. Tailoring will typically include:

  • Removal of unnecessary or less important element(s)
  • Modification of element(s) (e.g. to reflect terminology)
  • Addition of new element(s)

An “element” could be a competence area, a competency indicator, or an evidence indicator.

Tailoring helps simplify deployment by increasing alignment with other organizational systems and with domain‐specific language and concepts.

An approach to tailoring is defined in the core framework definition document. However, some additional points are described below.


Terminology is often organization specific. ...

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