4Systems Thinking for Software Development

[…] When an algorithm or effective procedure is used to calculate the values of a numerical function then the function in question is described by phrases such as effectively calculable, or algorithmically computable, or effectively computable, or just computable […].

Cutland N.J. (1980).

Computability: An Introduction to Recursive Function Theory.

Cambridge University Press.

Some computational methods29 have been mentioned in this book which were developed over the past 50 years to achieve prediction, classification, and clustering challenges. We will build a computational method that has been found to be successful in a wide range of social, engineering and sports businesses.

We have mentioned the definition of system in the previous chapter which will provide an important guideline for the creation of analytical software. The objective of the engineering development phase of a “new” system is to integrate the AI/ANN, following the approved “feasibility study” and to evaluate (verification and validation) the functionality of the “new” system.

What is the purpose of the software? In what context should it be inserted? Moving beyond the analytical formulation we need a new language to be able to handle the complexity and large amounts of data required to resolve machine learning problems, stored in extensive multidimensional matrices. As shown in Figure 4.1, a working group collects and arranges data in an appropriate repository. ...

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