Appendix C

bpftrace One-Liners

This appendix contains some handy bpftrace one-liners. Apart from being useful in themselves, they can help you learn bpftrace, one line at a time. Most of these were included in previous chapters. Many may not work right away: They may depend on the presence of certain tracepoints or functions, or on a specific kernel version or configuration.

See Chapter 15, Section 15.2, for an introduction to bpftrace.


Trace new processes with arguments:

bpftrace -e 'tracepoint:syscalls:sys_enter_execve { join(args->argv); }'

Count syscalls by process:

bpftrace -e 'tracepoint:raw_syscalls:sys_enter { @[pid, comm] = count(); }'

Count syscalls by syscall probe ...

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