2.4 Hyperbolic Functions

2.41–2.43 Powers of sinh x, cosh x, tanh x, and coth x

2.411 sinhpxcoshqx dx=sinhp+1x coshq1xp+q+q1p+qsinhpx coshq2x dx=sinhp1x coshq+1xp+qp1p+qsinhp2x coshqx dx=sinhp1x coshq+1xq+1p1q+1sinhp2x coshq+2x dx=sinhp+1x coshq1xp+1q1p+1sinhp+2x coshq2x dx=sinhp+1x coshq+1xp+1p+q+2p+1sinhp+2x coshqx dx=sinhp+1x coshq+1xq+1+p+q+2q+1sinhpx coshq+2x dxsi724_e




This formula is applicable for arbitrary real p except for the following negative even integers: ...

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