Chapter 3

Mapping Out the Data Journey


Bullet Understanding how your raw data works its way through the entire Tableau life cycle

Bullet Discerning what applications you need to complete the Tableau data journey

Bullet Distinguishing user capabilities throughout the Tableau journey

Finding answers to data questions is often a complex process of data manipulation, and with a business intelligence solution such as Tableau, you have many levers to pull to get to the exact spot you want. After you do that, though, you are well on your way to the races.

Imagine someone sending you a 2GB file with more than 1 million rows of data. A typical scenario may be to find the median of a single data column. Sounds simple, right?

Well, it's a bit more complicated because if you assume that the data is pure but it’s not, you've encountered a significant roadblock. Now you need to clean the data. After the data is clean, you go back to the drawing board to complete a cursory analysis. You can decide what data column should be evaluated and charted if everything is ready to go. And then, of course, you take the last part of the journey: deriving the answer. After the answer is ready, you might need to ...

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