Chapter 8

Visualization Foundations in Tableau


Bullet Seeing how to select the best data for a visualization

Bullet Creating key visualization types in Tableau Desktop

Bullet Customizing the visualization with features such as filters, labels, and legends

Bullet Publishing your data to Tableau Online

Ta-da! It’s the moment you’ve probably been waiting for and what most people often want to jump to straight away: creating the visualization (viz) in Tableau. Tableau makes it easy to figure out whether a visualization requires a measure or dimension, and whether the data should use discrete or continuous behavior using the Show Me recommendations, which include more than 20 choices. But one of the challenges people often face is having skipped the data cleansing or realizing that “whoops,” our data has some flubs. That realization is perfectly okay, however, because Tableau allows you to filter and hide data anomalies. Before you take a deep dive into the visualization realm, I want you to consider that your dataset size and quality drive the visualization. At the same time, Tableau is fantastic ...

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