Chapter 13. The Broader Tableau Ecosystem

The bulk of the book up to this point has focused on both how and why to create various charts and visualizations. We’ve built up your visualization skills, so you now know how to work with a variety of data and types of analysis. You’ve also learned how to think about your visualizations as data products by focusing on the end-user experience and interactivity.

This chapter is different. Instead of focusing on case studies and strategies, we now want you to take a step back and think more holistically about working with data for visual analysis. Specifically, we’ll provide guidance on where and when to prep your data and how to craft a best-in-class analytics platform. Finally, we will end this chapter by sharing some trends that are on the horizon.

Data Preparation: Where and When

Throughout this book, you’ve been spoiled. We’ve provided relatively clean datsets that already contain key pieces of information that are ready for analysis. While that was intentional to provide learning opportunities to you, it’s not always feasible or realistic. Analysts often must work to collect important data, clean it to make it intelligible, and reshape ...

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