Chapter 14. Industry Frameworks

In this final chapter of the book, we want to touch on some core industries that rely on analytics as well as the key strategies and techniques to mastering each. Throughout the course of this book, we’ve consciously exposed you to case studies and strategies covering an array of industries. However, we want to now take a step back and share insights that we have both learned throughout our careers on successful ways to approach each industry.

Our goal with this chapter is to provide you a framework for working with your stakeholders and to share some of the key tenets necessary to construct meaningful analytics and data products. We hope this knowledge serves as a guide and assists you with navigating your role. In particular, we will discuss frameworks and strategies for the following industries:

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Logistics

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Retail

  • Finance

As we guide you through each of these industries, we encourage you to see the parallels among them and the techniques that you may be able to glean to apply to your own scenarios.


Healthcare is a fascinating industry that covers a variety of organization types, from the providers ...

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