Tableau Software started ten years ago as a desktop application, but as the tool has matured it has become popular in the enterprise and is being used in “Big Data” environments. The enterprise means any type of significant organization—a global business or non-profit, such as a large university, small college or hospitals, banks, retailers, or internet-based data companies that have accumulated massive data sets. Or, this might refer to a small business with only a few employees. A short list of the types of organizations using Tableau should include:

  • Multi-national financial institutions
  • Federal Government
  • International police organizations
  • The military
  • Government intelligence organizations
  • Media companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Book publishers
  • Internet-based business (with Big Data)
  • Insurance companies
  • Non-profit entities
  • Manufacturing and Distribution companies
  • Education (Universities, Colleges, Charter Schools, Public Schools)
  • Law firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Retailers
  • Consumer product companies
  • Accounting firms
  • Consulting firms

Any entity that needs to see and understand data is a candidate for using Tableau Software.

Tableau does a good job listening to their customers and partners. They've improved the speed, security, and added more visualization types to Tableau's capabilities.

Today, many large enterprises use Tableau because they find it increases user adoption rates. It also allows business users to create their own reports with relative ease—reducing ...

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