The glossary presented is an eclectic mix of Tableau terminology, industry jargon, author jargon, and noteworthy terms, items, and individuals not otherwise covered in the text. Some of these terms have more generic industry definitions. They are presented here in the context of Tableau usage.

32-BIT ARCHITECTURE A computing architecture that is capable of addressing up to four-gigabyte of physical memory without utilizing physical hard disk space.

64-BIT ARCHITECTURE A computer architecture that is capable of addressing over 16 exabytes of physical memory without utilizing physical hard disk space. While theoretically possible in a desktop computer, hardware limitations confine this kind of processing to server environments today.

1000-GIG LAPTOP A mythical vision of the future where a one-thousand dollar laptop can contain one-thousand gigabytes of random access memory that is fully addressable by a sixty-four bit edition of Tableau Desktop. While this is theoretically possible, it will require significant technology advances in hardware and software to achieve.

ACTION Tableau feature that facilitates filtering, highlighting, or invoking a URL call by selecting information contained in a Tableau dashboard or worksheet so that a dashboard or worksheet view is altered by selecting data element(s) from within a pane.

AGGREGATE FUNCTION A function groups together values in a specific way in the resulting view, but the values are presented in the datasource as ...

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