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Welcome to Take Control of TextExpander, version 1.1, published in July 2012 by TidBITS Publishing Inc. This book was written by Michael E. Cohen and edited by Tonya Engst.

This book covers how you can use versions 3 and 4 of Smile’s TextExpander text-substitution utility to make your writing, programming, and editing far more efficient and enjoyable.

If you want to share this ebook with a friend, we ask that you do so as you would with a physical book: “lend” it for a quick look, but ask your friend to buy a copy for careful reading or reference.

Copyright © 2012, Michael E. Cohen. All rights reserved.

Updates and More

You can access extras related to this book on the Web (use the link in Ebook Extras, near the end; it’s available only ...

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