Activate Siri By Touch

If you want a straightforward, surefire way to activate Siri that always works on the device you intend it to and isn’t affected by how noisy the room is, do so manually. All you have to do is touch or click something and Siri responds. This way of interacting with Siri is enabled by default on all Apple devices.

Trigger Siri Manually on an iPad or iOS Device

To activate Siri by touch on your mobile device, you either press and hold the Home button at the bottom of your phone (iPhone 8 and earlier, iPod touch, and iPads with Home buttons), the side button (iPhone X or later), or the top button (all other iPads). Siri is listening when you see a pulsing orb at the bottom of the screen (Figure 7).

Figure 7: Look for the ...

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