Edit a PDF

The conventional wisdom is that PDF documents are great to share because, unlike word processing files, PDFs are in final form and can’t be modified.

Yeah, right. If you’ve read any part of this book, you know that PDFs are far from unmodifiable. Nonetheless, it is true that PDFs are not easily modifiable—that is, not unless you have a tool like PDFpen. Armed with PDFpen, you can make all sorts of changes, such as:

  • Fix typos in a magazine article.

  • Update an old flyer, even if you don’t have the original.

  • Sharpen and stylize pictures on the page.

  • Redact sensitive or confidential material.

  • Crop pages or rotate them.

  • Add a watermark to one or more pages.

  • Add headers, footers, and page numbers to a PDF.

  • Create links to other pages in ...

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