Taking your iPod touch to the Max, iOS 5 Edition

Book description

Unleash your iPod touch and take it to the limit using secret tips and techniques. Fast and fun to read, Taking Your iPod touch to the Max: iOS 5 Edition will help you get the most out of iOS 5 on your iPod touch.

  • You'll find all the best undocumented tricks, as well as the most efficient and enjoyable introduction to the iPod touch available. Starting with the basics, you'll quickly move on to discover the iPod touch's hidden potential, like how to connect to a TV and get contract-free VoIP.

  • From e-mail and surfing the Web, to using iTunes, iBooks, games, photos, free texting with iMessage and getting free VoIP with Skype or FaceTime--whether you have a new iPod touch, or an older iPod touch with iOS 5, you'll find it all in this book. You'll even learn tips on where to get the best and cheapest iPod touch accessories. Get ready to take iPod touch to the max! What you'll learn

  • How to get your music, videos, and data onto your iPod touch

  • How to manage your media

  • Tips for shopping in the App Store and iTunes Store

  • Getting the most out of iBooks

  • Using Mail on your iPod touch

  • Keeping in touch with FaceTime

  • Learn how to text your friends for free using your iPod touch

Who this book is for Anyone who wants to get the most out of their iPod touch running iOS 5.

Table of contents

  1. Title
  2. Dedication
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. About the Technical Reviewer
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Preface
  9. Chapter 1: Bringing Home the iPod touch
    1. Buying Your iPod touch
    2. Bringing Your iPod Home
    3. Insuring and Repairing Your iPod
    4. Accessorizing Your iPod
    5. Summary
  10. Chapter 2: Putting Your Data and Media on the iPod touch
    1. The iPod touch iTunes Device Window
    2. The Tabs
    3. iTunes Device Settings
    4. Welcome to the Cloud
    5. Summary
  11. Chapter 3: Interacting with Your iPod touch
    1. Interaction Basics
    2. iPod Power Tricks
    3. iPod Recovery Mode and Restoration
    4. The Home Screen
    5. The iPod Keyboard
    6. Notification Center
    7. Summary
  12. Chapter 4: Browsing with Wi-Fi and Safari
    1. Getting Started with Wi-Fi
    2. Getting Started with the Safari Web Browser
    3. Working with Pages
    4. Working with Bookmarks
    5. Eliminating Clutter with Reader
    6. Building Up Your Reading List
    7. Customizing Safari Settings
    8. The iPod and Flash Videos
    9. Summary
  13. Chapter 5: Touching Your Photos and Videos
    1. Working with Photos
    2. Navigating Your Photos in the Photo App
    3. Touching and Viewing Your Albums and Photos
    4. Sharing Your Photos
    5. Editing Your Photos
    6. iPod Video Applications
    7. Video Playback
    8. YouTube
    9. The Videos App
    10. Watching Videos on the Web with Safari
    11. Streaming Video to Your Apple TV with AirPlay
    12. Video Accessories
    13. Summary
  14. Chapter 6: Touching Your Music
    1. The Music Application
    2. Browsing Media on the iPod
    3. Playing Audio
    4. Going Beyond the Music App
    5. Adjusting Music Settings
    6. Choosing Headphones
    7. Summary
  15. Chapter 7: Shopping at the iTunes Store
    1. Connecting to the iTunes Store
    2. Signing in to Your iTunes Account
    3. Browsing Through the iTunes Store
    4. Purchased
    6. Redeeming Codes
    7. Getting Social with Ping
    8. Summary
  16. Chapter 8: Shopping at the App Store
    1. Connecting to the App Store
    2. Signing in to Your App Store Account
    3. Browsing Through the App Store
    4. Redeeming Gift Certificates and Codes
    5. Transferring Purchased Items to Your Computer
    6. Buying Apps Through iTunes on Your PC
    7. Getting Your Game on in Game Center
    8. Summary
  17. Chapter 9: Reading Books and Newspapers with iBooks and Newsstand
    1. iBooks App
    2. Syncing Books
    3. Navigating Your Bookshelf
    4. Sorting Your Books into Collections
    5. Reading Books
    6. Having a Book Read to You
    7. Syncing PDFs
    8. Navigating the PDF Bookshelf
    9. Navigating and Reading PDFs
    10. Settings
    11. Newsstand
    12. Summary
  18. Chapter 10: Setting Up and Using Mail
    1. Getting Started with iPod Mail
    2. Reading Your Mail
    3. Writing an E-mail Message
    4. Kinds of E-mail
    5. Summary
  19. Chapter 11: Staying on Time and Getting There with Clock, Calendar, and Maps
    1. Using the Clock Tools
    2. Working with the Calendar
    3. Exploring with Maps
    4. Navigating Maps
    5. Bookmarking and Viewing Saved Locations
    6. Directions and Traffic
    7. Find a Lost iPod touch
    8. Find a Friend
    9. Summary
  20. Chapter 12: Using Your Desk Set: Contacts, Calculator, Notes, Weather, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Reminders
    1. Synchronizing Your Address Book with Your Computer
    2. Working with the Contacts Application
    3. Using the Calculator
    4. Taking Notes
    5. Checking the Weather
    6. Monitoring Stocks
    7. Dictating Voice Memos
    8. Setting Reminders
    9. Summary
  21. Chapter 13: Photographing and Recording the World Around You
    1. The Camera Hardware
    2. Navigating the Camera App
    3. Accessing Your Camera from the Lock Screen
    4. Viewing Your Camera Roll
    5. Viewing Individual Photos
    6. Viewing Videos
    7. Sharing Multiple Pictures and Videos from the Camera Roll
    8. Uploading Images to Your Computer
    9. Summary
  22. Chapter 14: Staying in Touch with FaceTime and iMessage
    1. Getting Started with FaceTime
    2. Navigating Your FaceTime Contacts
    3. Making a FaceTime Call
    4. Other FaceTime Calling Options
    5. FaceTime Settings
    6. Getting Started with iMessage
    7. Summary
  23. Chapter 15: Customizing Your iPod touch
    1. Six Customizations You'll Want to Use Settings For
    2. Other Good-to-Know Settings
    3. Accessibility
    4. Reset
    5. iCloud
    6. Third-Party App Settings
    7. Voice Control
    8. Summary
  24. Index

Product information

  • Title: Taking your iPod touch to the Max, iOS 5 Edition
  • Author(s): Michael Grothaus, Erica Sadun
  • Release date: November 2011
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781430237327