Talent Intelligence

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The latest surveys show that over 90% of all organisations use talent measurement processes and that the $4 billion global talent measurement market is growing steadily each year. The records also show, however, that this investment by organizations is having remarkably little impact.  And while plenty has been written about best practice about which methods are best to use in which situations--there is little if anything on why these methods are having so little real world  impact. This book fills that gap.The authors are part of a small group of people who combine a deep technical knowledge of talent measurement with first-hand experience of developing and implementing talent measurement strategy at a senior level in big multinational businesses. Drawing on current research and the authors vast experience working with such global companies as Sony, Prudential, Novartis, Nike, among others, the book makes six key points: Talent management and talent intelligence depend upon talent measurement Current talent measurement activities are failing to have a significant real world impact Talent measurement is tough to do  To improve the efficacy and impact of talent measurement, organisations and vendors need to start considering context more and start thinking in terms of talent matching Organizations need to be more specific in measuring performance so that vendors can make better talent measurement tools Organizations need to start worrying less about which tools to use and more about how they use them  

Product information

  • Title: Talent Intelligence
  • Author(s): Mirron Willis, Shlomo Ben-Hur, Nik Kinley
  • Release date: September 2020
  • Publisher(s): Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: None