Chapter 21

Position Yourself as an Expert

People are valued for their knowledge in today’s marketplace. It’s not just who you know nowadays; it’s what you know. You have expertise in your field; maybe there’s something you know how to do better than anyone else. Maybe you have insights into how others can use what you do to improve their lives. Maybe you have detailed knowledge of industry trends or competitive offerings. Maybe you know marketplace luminaries. Whatever the case may be, there’s no better time or place to share some of that knowledge and expertise than when you want to turn a random encounter into a profitable business relationship.

People are looking for solutions to business, career, and even personal challenges. And even if they are surrounded by resources in their day-to-day position, there’s always room for a new insight, approach, or observation to help them see things in a new or more productive way. Creativity and innovation are in great demand today, but is in short supply.

As a random connector seeking to enhance other’s lives and thereby establish mutually profitable relationships, it all comes down to your credibility and your ability to establish your value by sharing some of what you know. Not everything you know, of course—just enough to show that you have expertise. Your new connection will appreciate and recognize that, and he or she will reward that with interest and a desire to engage you as a resource.

Look for opportunities to make value-added ...

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