Talking to Siri®: Learning the Language of Apple®’s Intelligent Assistant, Second Edition

Book description

Sweet-talk Siri® for iOS 6 into doing practically anything!

In iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion, Siri is more amazing than ever—and it’s even better when you really know how to talk to it. Now, two top Apple® tech experts show how to talk the newest version of Siri into doing more than you ever thought possible! Look up what you want to do, and you’ll find tested step-by-step instructions for getting perfect results—including new ways to do everything from checking football scores to posting on Facebook!

  • Teach Siri to recognize requests and take dictation more accurately

  • Check Yelp reviews and place OpenTable restaurant reservations

  • Launch apps hands-free

  • Find out where your friends are right now

  • Choose a great movie with Rotten Tomatoes reviews

  • Get up-to-the-minute player stats for baseball, football, or soccer

  • Blog with Siri using email or text messaging

  • Tweet updates, complete with location or appointment info

  • Create location-based reminders that trigger at destinations like the drugstore

  • Help Siri recognize and connect with your family and friends

  • Transform Siri into your personal media DJ

  • Find the nearest store that’s selling whatever you want

  • Answer math and science problems with Wolfram Alpha

  • Make sure Siri responds only to you, not to an impostor

  • Discover the silliness Apple engineered into Siri

  • Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Praise for Talking to Siri®, Second Edition
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. Preface
      1. What’s New in This Edition
      2. Who This Book Is For
      3. How This Book Is Organized
      4. Contacting the Authors
    7. About the Authors
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. 1. Getting Started with Siri
      1. Enabling Siri on iOS
      2. Enabling Dictation on OS X
      3. Privacy
      4. Launching Siri on iOS
      5. Siri Listens
      6. Correcting Siri
      7. New in Siri
      8. Summary
    12. 2. Asking Siri for Information
      1. Weather
      2. Web Search
      3. Sports and Siri
      4. Checking Stocks
      5. Using Wolfram Alpha
      6. Summary
    13. 3. Using Siri to Stay in Touch
      1. Contacts
      2. Placing Phone Calls with Siri
      3. Text Messages
      4. Mail
      5. Social Networking
      6. Friends
      7. Summary
    14. 4. Talking to Your Day-Timer
      1. Calendars
      2. Reminders
      3. Creating Notes
      4. Clock Functions
      5. Summary
    15. 5. Going Shopping with Siri
      1. Products and Services
      2. Shopping Math
      3. Preparing a Shopping List
      4. Sharing Shopping Lists via the Cloud
      5. Turn-by-Turn Directions
      6. Making Restaurant Reservations
      7. Checking out Movies
      8. Summary
    16. 6. Pushing Limits with Siri
      1. Launching Apps
      2. Talking to Apps
      3. Blogging with Siri
      4. Siri Security
      5. Music
      6. Summary
    17. 7. Siri Dictation
      1. Launching Dictation on iOS
      2. Launching Dictation on OS X
      3. Why Learn Dictation?
      4. Enunciation Practice
      5. Dictation 101
      6. Inserting Punctuation
      7. Including Abbreviations
      8. Dictating Technical Terms
      9. Smilies
      10. Dictating Formatted Text
      11. Dictation Practice
      12. Punctuation Practice
      13. Summary
    18. 8. Having Fun with Siri
      1. Siri Diversions
      2. Asking About Siri
      3. Siri Chitchat
      4. Pop Culture Fun
      5. Siri Miscellany
      6. Summary
    19. Appendix: Siri Quick Reference
    20. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Talking to Siri®: Learning the Language of Apple®’s Intelligent Assistant, Second Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: January 2013
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133372045