Adaptive Sliding Mode Observer Based Uncertain Chaotic Masking Communication

Reza Raoufi — Alan S.I. Zinober

Department of Applied Mathematics, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K, {R.Raoufi, A.Zinober}

ABSTRACT. We study the performance of adaptive sliding mode observers in chaotic synchronization and communication in the presence of uncertainties. The proposed robust adaptive observer-based synchronization is used for cryptography based on chaotic masking modulation (CM). Uncertainties are intentionally injected into the chaotic dynamical system to achieve higher security and we use robust sliding mode observer design methods for the uncertain nonlinear dynamics. In addition, a relaxed matching condition is introduced to realize the robust observer design. Finally, a Chaotic system called Chen dynamical attractor is employed as an illustrative example to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed cryptosystem.

KEYWORDS: Sliding Mode, Robust Observers, Chaotic Systems

1. Introduction

Chaos is a behaviour that lies between rigid regularity and randomness. There has been significant interest in using chaotic dynamics to realize secure communications and cryptography during the last two decades. There are several features of chaotic signals, which make them attractive for use in secure communication systems. Chaotic dynamics are noise-like but are deterministic with natural complexity, broad bandwidth and are aperiodic. Another attractive ...

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