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Tapworthy iPhone Design and User Experience

Video Description

Want to create an iPhone app that truly delights its users? Learn how to go from initial idea to exceptional app with this 8-session video course. You’ll discover how to “think iPhone” as you plan and create app interfaces in tune with the ergonomics, psychology, and culture of an audience on the go. Experienced designers and newcomers alike will learn the techniques and mindset required to craft a tapworthy iPhone app.

Table of Contents

  1. The Mobile Context App design isn't just about pretty pixels: it's about understanding the mobile c
    1. Marketshare and Demographics 00:45:03
    2. Build Flagship Apps 00:08:57
    3. Design Makes the Difference 00:17:30
    4. What's Your Story 00:28:15
  2. Designing for Touch Because the iPhone is handheld and works by touch, you're doing something more
    1. Week 2 Intro and Homework Review 00:38:39
    2. Finger-Friendly Design 00:08:28
    3. Big Bullseyes 00:18:23
    4. Gesture Jiujitsu 00:11:38
    5. Target Spacing 00:21:07
    6. Be a Scroll Skeptic 00:03:27
    7. Q & A 00:05:16
  3. Organizing Your App As you begin planning your app, consider how it works-its big picture organizat
    1. Organizing Your App 00:10:29
    2. Flat Pages 00:21:18
    3. Tab Bar 00:23:11
    4. Tree Structure 00:21:05
    5. Get It On Paper 00:20:14
  4. The Standard Controls Standard iPhone controls are the buttons, text fields, list views, keyboards,
    1. Bars, Bars, Bars 00:45:13
    2. Table Views: Lists on Steroids 00:19:25
    3. Displaying and Editing Text 00:12:01
    4. Multiple Choice, Buttons and Sliders 00:21:28
  5. Crafting a Visual Identity For all our talk about the importance of efficiency and focus in iPhone
    1. What's Your App's Personality? 00:31:02
    2. Luxury, Reality, and Illusion 00:14:47
    3. Metaphorically Speaking 00:22:27
    4. I Call My Invention, "The Wheel" 00:19:28
  6. Introducing Your App An app's success often depends on its first impression. To draw people in and
    1. Your Icon Is Your Business Card 00:17:36
    2. Icon Design: Think Shadow Puppet 00:23:42
    3. The Launch Screen 00:22:08
    4. Roll Out the Welcome Mat 00:15:53
    5. Alerts and Notifications 00:20:32
  7. Working with Gestures The iPhone enables a broad range of gestures, the taps and swipes that make t
    1. Crafting Gestures 00:13:16
    2. Shortcuts and Backup Plans 00:27:57
    3. Clumsy Gestures 00:11:49
    4. Screen Rotation 00:23:13
  8. The iPad Although it's commonly described as "a big iPod Touch," the iPad's form and context create
    1. Greedy Pixel Syndrome 00:17:03
    2. Media Hypertrophy (media overkill) 00:25:56
    3. The Frankeninterface 00:14:30
    4. Popover Pox and iPad Elbow 00:36:46
    5. Multitouch gestures 00:12:59