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Target Opportunity Selling:  Top Sales Performers Reveal What Really Works

Book Description

The game-changing sales model that helps win target opportunities at every stage of the sales cycle

Sales guru Nic Read broke new ground with his chart topping Selling to the C-Suite--an instant classic based on 10 years of interviews with executive buyers that revealed the best ways to get onto their radar, into their office, and across their business.

Now in this highly anticipated sequel, Read unveils the latest science and art of selling from the other side of the table by following elite sellers through every step of today's complex sales cycle. What they really do to win strategic, competitive deals might surprise you.

Target Opportunity Selling is based on 20,000 hours of fieldwork with top business-to-business sellers in small, medium, and large enterprises around the world to learn how they create, pursue, and win large target opportunities. A source of "lightning in a bottle," this step-by-step playbook reveals:

  • Qualification criteria you must measure early, middle, and late in every sale
  • How to use sales strategy and competitive countertactics to your advantage
  • Techniques to identify and build support from the most influential stakeholders
  • Approaches to exert control over the customer's evaluation process and mindset
  • Why last century's "sales funnel" has had its day--and may actually hurt "solution selling"

Thought-provoking and insightful, Target Opportunity Selling is another master class from one of today's most popular sales authors.


"Target Opportunity Selling is a world-class, comprehensive guide to winning today's big sales opportunities. This serious, research-based work details not only what you must do to win with the right strategy and approach, but precisely how you must do it, down to what to say during a face-to-face sales call. I'm delighted to add this to my list of highly recommended books on selling." -- Dave Stein, CEO, ES Research Group, Inc.

"Compelling. A good fit to the approach Novozymes uses to match our selling capabilities to customers' needs, then deliver solutions that hit highvalue strategic priorities. We have used Nic's prior book and workshop Selling to the C-Suite to help our people engage with customers at a higher level. Target Opportunity Selling provides the next lesson in moving to the realm of strategic selling." -- Andrew Fordyce, Executive Vice President, Business Operations, Novozymes A/S

"There's something to take away from every chapter in this book. It's a great forensic examination of the sales process, but it's not written like a clinical text. This book engages, inspires, and gives sound direction every salesperson can benefit from." -- Craig Steel, Americas Theater Lead, Cloud Business Director, EMC

"Whether you are a start-up, lone wolf, or sales neophyte looking for best practices and tools, or a seasoned sales executive looking to sharpen the saw, Target Opportunity Selling provides invaluable insight and practical applications for the 'how' of today's top sellers." -- David Hinson, Enterprise Collaboration Specialist, Cisco Systems