tixComboBox pathName [option value...]

The tixComboBox command creates a new tixComboBox mega-widget named pathName. The tixComboBox class is derived from the tixLabelWidget class. It provides an entry widget whose value is connected to the selected item of a listbox widget.

The tixComboBox supports two selection modes with the -selectmode option. When the mode is immediate, the current value is changed immediately when the user enters a keystroke in the entry subwidgets or clicks (or drags over) an item in the listbox. When the mode is browse, the current value is not changed until the user presses the Return key or double-clicks an item in the listbox. The selected item in the listbox or what the user has typed so far is made the temporary value (see the -selection option). If the user presses the Escape key, the string displayed in the entry is changed back to the current value.

Widget-Specific Options

-anchor anchorPos (anchor, Anchor)

How the string in the entry subwidget should be aligned.

-arrowbitmap bitmap (arrowBitmap, ArrowBitmap)

Bitmap to use for arrow button beside the entry subwidget.

-browsecmd tclCommand (browseCmd, BrowseCmd)

Command to be called when the selection mode is browse and the temporary value has changed.

-command tclCommand (command, Command)

Command to be called when tixComboBox is invoked or when its current value is changed.

-crossbitmap bitmap (crossBitmap, CrossBitmap)

Bitmap to use in cross button to the left of the entry subwidget.

-disablecallback ...

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