Appendix C. RFC 1122 Compliance

This appendix summarizes the compliance of the Net/3 implementation with RFC 1122 [Braden 1989a]. This RFC summarizes these requirements in four categories

  • link layer

  • internet layer

  • UDP

  • TCP

We have chosen to present these requirements in the same breakdown and order as the chapters of this text.

Link-Layer Requirements

This section summarizes the link-layer requirements from Section 2.5 of RFC 1122 and the compliance of the Net/3 code that we’ve examined to those requirements.

  • May support trailer encapsulation.

    Partially: Net/3 does not send IP datagrams with trailer encapsulation but some Net/3 device drivers may be able to receive such datagrams. We have omitted all the trailer encapsulation code in this text. Interested ...

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